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 Australian builders are on notice.

A recent Victorian Tribunal decision to award a property investor nearly $300,000.00 for “slab heave”  has sent a clear message reinforcing to the building industry the importance of obtaining detailed and high quality soil testing and geotechnical information and insuring that the correct construction processes resulting from this information are implemented. The Victorian Tribunal found that the Faults were caused by a defective waffle slab built on inadequately compacted soil. Civiltest Pty Ltd was engaged by the property investor’s lawyers to provide a geotechnical investigation and give evidence on the cause of the distress that was evident in the building.


Civiltest has been engaged by builders and private individuals on numerous occasions to provide detailed information relating to the soil conditions that may be causing distress in buildings. Civiltest sees as paramount the importance of providing reliable, accurate soil testing and geotechnical information to its clients in advance of any construction project to minimise the risks of future distress occurring. Civiltest is pleased to be providing a trusted and reliable and cost effective service to all parts of our community from major developers, engineers and architects, through to private individuals undertaking the building of a family home.



Information obtained from The Age April 2nd 2014 reported by Simon Johanson


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