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CIVILTEST PTY. LTD. provides experienced geotechnical testing services for civil engineering projects across Australia.

Get professional, practical and proven, on site and laboratory soil and concrete testing through its NATA accredited permanent laboratories across Victoria at MORNINGTON, MITCHAM, MILDURA and WODONGA.

Our vision is to see your vision become real.




residential civil services

A soil test is required as a part of your building permit application.  The information below is provided as a guide but please feel free to contact our office where our staff will be happy to assist you with details or inquiries.

geotechnical servies

Civiltest can provide you with a range of Geotechnical services backed by experienced and qualified Engineers and support staff. Some of the comprehensive investigations and services provided include:.

fieldtest-mod pavement services commercial Services Mining Services field testing commercial services mining servies

Civiltest provides an extensive range of Materials testing and Field testing to meet your earthworks requirements covering areas such as commercial, mining and pavement construction. Our Laboratories are all NATA Accredited and staffed with experienced technicians who are able to provide cost effective advice and guidance for your project.


Mobile Laboratory on the move

The start of 2018 saw our dedicated Civiltest Mobile Onsite Laboratory relocated from our Head Office to Euroa, Victoria ready to assist with the construction of the water storage upgrade.




The start of 2018 saw our dedicated Civiltest Mobile Onsite Laboratory relocated from our Head Office to Euroa, Victoria ready to assist with the construction of the water storage upgrade.

Goulburn Valley Water will be focusing or a range of water and wastewater improvement and maintenance works in Euroa and Violet Town during the 2017 calendar year.

Civiltest's involvment will begin with the following projects:

Reference GVW Customer Information 2017 - Euroa/Violet Town

Storage Reservoir Upgrade – planning is underway on an upgrade project to address the predicted shortfall in the supply/demand balance for Euroa and Violet Town for the next 50 years 

o    Stage 1 – Construction of a new 300ML raw water storage at the Abbinga Reservoir site (completion 2018/19)
o    Stage 2 – Upgrade of the existing Abbinga Reservoir from 560ML to 700ML (completion 2019/20)




Engineering a new $100 million winery for Wei Long


Construction is well underway for a new winery near Stewart, which will be built over the next 12 months.

Civiltest were engaged to perform the initial feasibility investigations, detailed design investigations, and was present for the commencement ceremony and is now providing services for the construction process to all contractors, the principal and the designers.

Mildura Rural City Council issued a permit for a winery which has a capacity to crush 84,000 tonnes of wine grapes.

After construction the winery is expected to provide 60 permanent jobs and around 40 casuals and when all stages are completed the workforce will grow to 100 permanents and 100 casual staff.




When fully developed the size of the winery complex will make it one of the top five largest capacity wineries in Australia.

This year the Wei Long winery crushed around 20,000 tonnes of grapes from the Mildura district, including grapes from its supplier Southern Cross.

This was mainly processed in local wineries with Wei Long purchasing another 15 million litres of bulk wine from other local wineries. All of this wine was exported the company headquarters in China where it was bottled and sold through Wei Long’s sales distribution network.

The first sod was turned by Company President Mr Wang with about 100 people attending, many of whom were locals who are suppliers and advisors to the company.

Speaking at the sod turning ceremony were Federal member for Mallee Andrew Broad, State member for Mildura Peter Crisp and former Mildura Mayor Cr Glenn Milne.

The Wei Long company owns about 600 hectares of vineyards in the Mildura district and plans to spend another $25 million developing another 600 hectares of land it has purchased.

The two properties were bought at a cost of about AUD$15M.

A locally owned and staffed company, Southern Cross Farms, manages all the Wei Long properties, which directly employ about 10 people and indirectly several more.


Source - Mildura Independent


Civiltest opens Wodonga office.

Civiltest has recently expanded its footprint in the North East region of Victoria and crossing into southern NSW by establishing a new office in Wodonga. This new permanent office will enable Civiltest to more rapidly service the townships of Albury and Wodonga including nearby regional hubs such as Wangaratta, Shepparton, Wagga Wagga or the ACT to name just some of the areas that Civiltest is experiencing a demand to provide Geotechnical consulting and testing services.


Civiltest has, from it very beginnings, seen the need to offer its services to regional areas and has always remained focused on playing its part in helping these growing community to develop their infrastructure. Civiltest understands that it is important to gain the respect of the local people it works for through providing a dependable and cost effective Geotechnical service regardless of the location be it outback Australia or the middle of an Australian Capital City the service provided need not be compromised. Civiltest aims through it newly establish office at Wodonga to continue offering a Geotechnical service second to none.


Broken Hill Solar Plant.

Civiltest was excited to be part of the large team of sub-contractors that were engaged to help build the broken hill solar plant that has now been in operation since late 2015. It is a rewarding experience when our company has been able to be a part of something that is both environmentally positive as well as providing such an important part of infrastructure that is helping bring electrical power to Broken Hill in a sustainable way.



Photographer: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg


“It’s giving birth to the large-scale solar industry in Australia,” said Adam Mackett, AGL’s project manager, as he strolled among the 678,000 solar panels under a cloudless blue sky. “Hopefully, from Broken Hill’s point of view, they’ll see this as the start of something bigger.”



Olivers Hill slips and slides.

Civiltest was requested to investigate the most recent land slip that took place at Liddesdale Ave Olivers Hill in Frankston. Civiltest provided advice focusing on the current risks at the site and when contributing factors had led to the recent slip,  what short remediation works should be undertaken.




Civiltest has been providing ongoing land Stability reports to the Frankston Council relating to the Olivers Hill region and offers the service to other state and local governments.

Civltest is also regularly engaged to provide slope stability reports to private developers that wish to construct on difficult or steep terrain.

Civiltest works in consultation with design Engineers to assess the construction risk factors and practicality of the development. This all forms a part of satisfying permit requirements to meet the engineering required to safely develop a site for ongoing occupancy.


Information obtained from The News Bayside March 4th 2015 picture by Gary Sissons



Ceduna NBN site


Civiltest Pty Ltd was engaged to provide full time onsite NATA accredited geotechnical testing services for the earthworks and roadway constructions for the Ceduna NBN site.



Civiltest was able to provide both materials testing and additional geotechnical engineering advice to our client ACE Contractors. The reports provided by Civiltest were an integral part of providing quality assurance that the contractor has met the earthworks specification requirements for the project. The project was seen by Civiltest as another good example of our ability to provide a quality geotechnical service to any destination across Australia.


Image obtained from the West Coast Sentinel 25th September 2014



Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill project in WA mines first iron ore.

As reported Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia has mined its first iron ore, the first high-grade ore was produced in May 2014.

Roy Hill is now Australia’s biggest mining construction project and employs more than 3000 workers. As part of the construction associated rail and port development will be undertaken. When completed it is hoped that 55 million tonnes of iron ore a year will be produced.

Civiltest is proud to be associated with the Roy Hill mine development. It is currently providing quality assurance field and laboratory materials testing, at the mine, for the construction of tailings dams and other associated works constructed by Ertech Pty Ltd. These constructions accommodate the iron ore processing plant in accordance with the client’s contract specification.

Civiltest has be involved with a large number of major infrastructure projects across Australia providing quality geotechnical testing and investigations across a broad range of development sites. These sites include mines, water treatment plants, solar plants and environmental water flow projects to name a few.

Please feel free to contact Civiltest if you would like further details on the Geotechnical services we can provide.


Information as reported by ABC news article 1st May 2014 reporter Sue Lannin




 Australian builders are on notice.

A recent Victorian Tribunal decision to award a property investor nearly $300,000.00 for “slab heave”  has sent a clear message reinforcing to the building industry the importance of obtaining detailed and high quality soil testing and geotechnical information and insuring that the correct construction processes resulting from this information are implemented. The Victorian Tribunal found that the Faults were caused by a defective waffle slab built on inadequately compacted soil. Civiltest Pty Ltd was engaged by the property investor’s lawyers to provide a geotechnical investigation and give evidence on the cause of the distress that was evident in the building.


Civiltest has been engaged by builders and private individuals on numerous occasions to provide detailed information relating to the soil conditions that may be causing distress in buildings. Civiltest sees as paramount the importance of providing reliable, accurate soil testing and geotechnical information to its clients in advance of any construction project to minimise the risks of future distress occurring. Civiltest is pleased to be providing a trusted and reliable and cost effective service to all parts of our community from major developers, engineers and architects, through to private individuals undertaking the building of a family home.



Information obtained from The Age April 2nd 2014 reported by Simon Johanson



Tram Super stops positive for traffic flow in Melbourne.

As recently reported Melbourne’s tram “super stops” have been designed to improve passenger safety and disability access but interestingly studies undertaken by Monash University have shown that they have also helped speed up commuting! Trams stopping in Melbourne can be affected by sharing the road with cars and the study found that the implementation of the super stops helped achieve superior tram travel times. 

Civiltest is currently providing geotechnical investigations at various locations around Melbourne for the continued deployment of these stations.


Information obtained from The Age September 5 2012 reported by Adam Carey


Sunraysia Modernisation Project (SMP)

Civiltest has been providing Geotechnical testing on the Sunraysia Modernisation Project (SMP)


Lower Murray Water engaged Civiltest to provide NATA accredited field and laboratory testing to this ongoing project. Civiltest has also been working with Leed Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd providing earth materials construction testing enabling Leed Engineering to determine that the specifications for the projects are met as they carry these important works.




Civiltest has for some time now been invested in the Sunraysia region by having an established office and laboratory situated in Mildura. The Mildura Branch of Civiltest employees local people from the region and as such has a strong understanding of the importance of developments such as the (SMP) in improving the irrigation systems of the local areas and assisting in the ongoing improvements of water quality to the people in Sunraysia.



Image obtained from Lower Murray Water




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